Craft Ideas

We love working with children of all ages creating lovely craft pieces that at the end of the party they can take home. We often find that running a craft party at the same time as having a bouncy castle works really well. Not all children like the boistrousness of a bouncy castle and some like to dip in and out and do something else. Our craft activities therefore provide an alternative so everyone is happy!

We have tonnes of ideas and lots of experience but whatever crafty ideas we come up with are very much guided by what your children are most into at the time. Crafts can be tailored to your budget and can be very simple and inexpensive.

So whether it’s fairies or superheroes, beadwork or painting, origami or jewellery we’ll guarantee to get their creative juices going!!

We’re more than happy to discuss your ideas and requirements so please don’t hesitate to contact Juliette today!